Born from the ‘Lores’ Passed from One Generation of Women to the Next

As a child, the founder of Sealore, Dolores,’ grandmother taught her the lores of seaweed. The traditional knowledge which is needed to identify and extract the rich nutrients from local species of red, brown and green seaweed growing on the shoreline of Donegal bay. 

Now, after almost 60 years and decades of study in aromatherapy, natural perfumery and plant medicine, Dolores working along the same coastline in Co. Leitrim has developed a range of potent, effective skincare formulations, inspired by her own mother and grandmother's teachings.                            

Dolores has developed each product to deliver the most luxurious, marine concentrates that work to soothe, nourish and strengthen, even the most sensitive and delicate skin, while simultaneously supporting each body system for optimum health.   

Dolores is joined in Sealore by her daughter Nadine, who after living and working in Japan for several years, returned home with a new perspective and appreciation of seaweed, as in Japan, seaweed is revered as a precious natural resource. 

As a child, Nadine had a make-believe beauty shop, where she would offer her clientele aromatherapy and reflexology as taught to her by her mother. Natural health, and by extension, natural beauty, has been ingrained in Nadine since birth, with her mother and grandmother modeling the most effective yet gloriously simple skincare routines.

Sealore holds the key to unlock your authentic beauty. Sealore holds the wisdom of the women who came before us. This wisdom is woven into the secrets of the unique marine botanicals found within an area of rare, outstanding natural beauty, located on the smallest coastline in Ireland, on the Wild Atlantic Way.
We invite you to fall in love with the uniquely luxurious sensory skincare experience that is Sealore Marine Botanicals


Mother & Daughter, Dolores & Nadine Burns





Dolores Burns – Co-founder of Sealore,

Clinical Aromatherapist (IFPA),

Occupational Therapist (MBAOT),

Medincal Plants ( Cornell University), 

Certified Natural Perfumer (IPF),

Herbal Medicine (University Minnesota).


Nadine Burns – Co-founder of Sealore,

Behaviour Analyst,

Aroma Cosmetologist,

Facial Massage Therapist, World Traveller.



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