Sealore Compete Routine Travel Set
Sealore Compete Routine Travel Set
Sealore Compete Routine Travel Set
Sealore Compete Routine Travel Set

Sealore Compete Routine Travel Set

Sealore Complete Routine Travel Set


4 simple steps to skin that radiates with health.
This set is the ideal introduction to Sealore Skincare, it contains the 4 essential skincare products to support your journey to optimum skin health. 

Cleanse with SeaVelvet Marine Cleansing Cream - This zesty rinse-off formulation deeply cleanses and brightens skin.

Follow with a spritz of SeaMist Hydrating Toner to balance the skin and boost hydration. Vitamin-rich aloe vera and skin-conditioning plant extracts help to calm sensitive reactive skin while imparting a youthful, healthy glow.

SeaHydrate Beauty Boost Serum fortifies your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Combining 3 unique sources of hyaluronic acid with the elastin and collagen-boosting bio-active properties of our own unique marine botanical extract, Ascofucagenus Complex®, this serum reveals skin that feels intensely moisturised, plumped and supple.

Complete your routine with SeaCalm - Luminous Facial Elixir, 1 drop of this potent bioactive serum targets dark circles and fine lines to even skin tone and bestow a naturally luminous glow.

Suitable for all skin types, including acne-prone or oily skin types.

This set is packaged in a Sealore Gift box and includes

SeaVelvet Marine Cleanser 50g 
SeaMist Hydrating Floral Toner 30ml
SeaHydrate Beauty Boost Serum 10ml
SeaCalm Luminious Facial Elixir 5ml 
Sealore Flannel 

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How to Use

Step 1: Cleanse with SeaVelvet Marine Cleanser. Massage a small amount of product into dry skin. Remove with tepid water or a warm damp flannel. Repeat if desired. Pat dry.
Step 2: Lighty mist 1-2 pumps of SeaMist directly onto the face. 
Step 3: Immediately apply 1-2 drops of SeaHydrate Beauty Boost Serum while the skin is still damp. 
Step 4: Apply 1-2 drops of SeaClam Luminious Facial Elixir, and press gently onto the skin. 

This routine can be followed morning and evening. However for drier and mature skin types, particularly in cold weather and at night time, we recommend adding a final veil of moisture to lock in nutrients and protect the skin. We recommend applying SeaReplenish Marine Cream or SeaRadiance Phyto-Retinol Cream. 




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