Hand Harvested with Care to Protect The Tiny Bay and its Gifts for Future Generations


Seaweed is the world's most renewable resource, it requires no farming meaning it is the most sustainable form of agriculture on the planet.

Sealore’s precious marine botanicals grow within meters of the small on-site processing facility in Co. Leitrim. This allows for the precise hand harvesting of individual plants, ensuring that Sealore only ever collects exactly what is needed.

This practice ensures that only the most pristine specimens are selected, maximising the inherent bioactive phytonutrients available within each seaweed. These potent vitamins, minerals and trace element-rich extracts are then concentrated by Sealore’s novel extraction processes.

This harvesting technique results in zero carbon emissions and zero waste as any by-products are used to fertilize and enrich the soil at Sealore's on-site organic herb gardens, in Co. Leitrim. 



Ethical, Micro-Batch Production


Sealore Organic Skincare Cleansing Oil

Sealore’s unique Marine Botanical extractions are then combined with over 120 precious, certified organic ingredients that have been sustainably grown and ethically sourced.

Sealore partners with suppliers that ensure all social, economic, and environmental audits are carried out ascertaining the quality and longevity of each ingredient and ensuring all fair trade principles are adhered to.

Sealore handcrafts a range of 13 certified organic products in micro-batches. This type of production results in near-zero emissions. Producing only what is needed when required reduces the unnecessary use of energy required to store large volumes of products.

This novel manufacturing process safeguards the integrity of each ingredient and protects its potency and freshness. Small batch formulation supports a more sustainable circular economy. 


Our highly concentrated, waterless formulas mean less packaging, less waste and less shipping. Each product lasts at least x3 longer than the average mass-produced product. We take the utmost care in our choice of ingredients and methods of production. Our dedication extends to the packaging of our products. We take great care to ensure that our products come to you in the safest, most environmentally responsible manner possible.

We have chosen to package all our products in glass containers.  As more and more evidence is produced that glass is the safest and most responsible packaging, we feel even more confident that this has been the right choice for Sealore at this time. We are meticulous about our formulations and ensure only the purest organic ingredients are contained in each product. We will not run the risk of chemicals leeching into our products. Our creams and balms are poured warm. We have always felt that pouring a warm liquid into any plastic was not the safest choice, Now more than ever it’s clear that glass is the safest packaging choice for our products. Glass is 100% recyclable and reusable, glass can be infinitely recycled without any deterioration in its properties or integrity loss. Also, we think our glass containers are beautiful. And as they are reusable, we encourage you to find new creative uses for them. 

All of the paper used in our packaging comes from sustainably managed European forests. 
For each tree felled to make the board 3 new ones are planted. The forests have management programs to promote bio-diversity.
Sealore's packaging is locally made in Northern Europe. We don't use any harmful chemicals in the printing inks or glues used for the packaging. We only use printing and glue products that conform with the latest required environmental standards.

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